April 1, 2010


So Neda and Vince tell me they are heading to Salvador for a music and riddim mish.

I ‘m thinking, wow, I could actually hook up with them on my way back from Holland, take some recording gear and capture some juice. All agreed..adventure on!

I check out the location of El Salvador and realise how close it is to Jamaica. My long awaited musical pilgrimage is now a reality. Full day trek from Holland to Belgium to sort visas and all set.

So I arrive in El Salvador to an empty airport and no sign of any crew. The airport security eventually ask me to leave as it’s closing time. I manage to hitch a ride with the air hostesses to the hotel. ( I had to play them a song on my guitar first).

Hop on the net and contact friends with the question “Where are you?

Where the #!#% are you??” they reply.

I say “El Salvador, where else?”……

They say “Salvador, Brasil

I didn’t know it existed.

Silence. Disbelief. Staring. Laughter. Life.

I spent the night by the hotel pool singing songs for the air crew and left for Jamaica the next day.

Never made it to Brasil.

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