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After years of working with bands from Africa to the Middle East and honing his reggae, ska and mento expertise, Nicky has drawn on his musical journeys and philosophies to produce his first ever solo work, Planet Juice. This collection captures songs that have been sitting in the bag for years to new tunes – freshly squeezed.

His new work sees him getting back to his roots; spending more time on the drum kit on top of a kaleidoscope of other instruments including the ukulele, marimba and guitar. With a rich and exciting life so far, this album marks a new phase in Nicky’s musical journey, where the artist stands before the canvas, holding the brush alone. “It strangely took me a while to get started on these songs. I kept finding subconscious excuses to avoid the studio. Eventually I allowed myself to be vulnerable and feel the fear a little. It was the blessing the adventure needed. I now realise the possibilities are endless.”

With a passion for culture and people, Nicky has travelled extensively, immersing himself in the music and culture of places such as Ethiopia, Morocco, Jamaica, Europe and his birthplace Malta. Consequently, the music produced by this peace-lovin’ troubadour is a melting pot of fun, adventure and exotic sounds of the people and places he loves.

The live performance still holds sacred for Nicky who is eternally committed to creating a sense of community and unity whenever he plays. It is not uncommon for Nicky to go off on some magical tangent in order to really connect with an audience. Flying by the seat of his pants is something Nicky welcomes.

“I’m always aware of the active energy of a crowd. Believing in the moment and kind of steering that spontaneous beast can result in something really special. Absolute positive vibrations.”

Nicky has built a solid reputation in the music industry via many projects including conducting the 30pce Melbourne Ska Orchestra to playing drums on John Butler’s award-winning ‘Sunrise over Sea’ to being the Artistic Producer for the Multicultural Arts Victoria “Visible” project. Over the years he has formed and played with bands purely for the love of the music and the adventures they create. Some of these activities include:

  • Touring extensively with the Bomba band (Reggae/Funk),
  • Banana Oil (Jazz)
  • Bustamento (Calypso/Mento)
  • The Truth (Funk)

He has also made time to collaborate with other artists producing significant albums such as:

  • Drums and Lions with Dereb Desalegn (Ethiopia)
  • Nerbu Message with George Rrurrambu (Australian Indigenous)
  • Bomba Vs Laroz with Laroz Haim (Israel/Tel Aviv)
  • A collection of Maltese traditional songs with his father Nicol

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2009 Nicky Bomba “Planet Juice”

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