March 1, 2010

On the road with the John Butler Trio

Hey Music lovers, realised today that I’ve only been away 2 weeks but have done so much. I love a full life I must say. We started with the High Sierra festival just up from Reno in Nevada and it was a sweet way to start the drumming thing again. Good vibes, well received and a quick heart and head check to find all is fine and working. A lot of funky stalls in the afternoon sunshine.

Poker machines in the Airport Terminal kinda threw me a little, but curveballs make you think.

Next up was a happening Festival called Rothbury in Michigan (not far from Greagle where 4th July celebrations were in full swing). The gig was pretty electric and the festival set up was a virtual eyegasm! Saw and heard remnants of the Grateful Dead while I was having a shoulder massage.

Onto Montreal where the gig was amazing with a real primal connection with the crowd. Toronto next and my solo set was lots of fun but almost didn’t happen as the pedal power for my loops wasn’t working. Jules, the jack of all trades sorted it sooner than I could scratch my elbow.

Then to New York for meetings and a sweet ride thru Central Park where I realised its actual size; hence my sore muscles in the morning. Paris followed and caught up with good friends from Kanaky (New Caledonia) before doing a smashing gig in the Oldest theatre in Paris.

Nice was the next stop and it felt like home. Mediterranean breezes bringing tales of the sea and sparkles of sunshine warming the body below the towering cliffs. The gig setting was magical with the seaside crowd lapping it up. Could have spent more days there but the UK beckoned with radio interviews and meetings.

Tomorrow we go to Holland, Belgium then over to Denver USA via one gig in London.

Nicky Bomba

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