February 1, 2010

Launching Planet Juice + Joining JBT

It’s been a sweet rollercoaster ride this year with the completion and release of my solo album Planet Juice and the decision to join the John Butler Trio. I’ve been playing and creating music for a long time and always listened to my intuition on that journey. I love giving myself new adventures to keep the fire burning and these opportunities presented themselves at the right place and time. Making music and sharing that experience is my mission. The situation with John allows me full freedom to continue my own journey while being a fully active contributing member of a band. Freedom and time to create. I’m feeling a new sense of clarity these days, looking forward to writing great songs and playing up a storm.

The recording process is really elastic and flexible. We spent some time experimenting with sounds and tones and attitudes then just had fun in the creative soup. There is an open forum style of working through the songs that enable us to try many different variations on the spot. Robin our engineer is quick efficient and a bit of a natural at hearing things we don’t. I think the team factor is important allowing for the ebb and flow of daily emotions when you’re being creative, giving each other support and keeping the fun button on high.

I’m having lots of fun making up new groove and incorporating the Steel Pans from Trinidad. It feels like a new journey for all of us so the adventure is even and exciting. Being involved with a fantastic management team is a real blessing for my control freak tendencies too. I’ve really learnt to think about the things that concern the creation of the music, not the marketing.

Fremantle is suprisinly similar to Williamstown in Melbourne in that you walk everywhere and it’s kind of a village atmosphere. The Shire, as John calls it, has an eclectic mix of culture so the food is pretty sweet.

More so now though, I am feeling the gypsy lifestyle in the way I live my life and Freo is one of the many blessings on my travels. Bought a pushbike last week too.

Travelling overseas with music has always excited me and the feeling is still as strong as ever on this first tour with John. He is doing mainly solo shows and I’m special guest on half the set. It’s a liberating experience with just one other musician onstage. The other added bonus is that on 6 of the shows I get to play my songs and do my own thing as the support. Sweet pudding pie!

Full respect for Life’s adventure at present and living my philosophy of JIEM. JAH IN EVERY MOMENT.

Nicky Bomba

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