May 5, 2017

Original artworks now showing at Mez Mez

Mez Mez cafe Williamstown exhibiting until 14th May 2017 – OPEN NOW

Mario’s cafe Brunswick opening 17th May 2017 and closing 4th June 2017

Nicky spends a good deal of his life touring the globe as an internationally renowned musician. As one would imagine, a pursuit to keep the mind and spirit active in the many hours of traveling is a necessity. One afternoon in Manchester UK, realizing he’d forgotten his pens on the tour bus, he began experimenting with rubbing plant material, flowers, soil, grass etc directly onto art paper, observing a theme from random creations and intuitive forms. This immediate, tactile and organic process of developing something in a short space of time appealed greatly, in contrast to songs which can sometimes take months to complete. …Looking around the garden he imagined the possibilities, smiled, then realized he was late for sound check. The seed was planted…

Winding Road Design Studio has the pleasure of presenting this body of work, and for all sales and enquiries about this series of prints please do not hesitate to contact us.

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