September 3, 2013

New beginnings: Nicky Bomba farewells John Butler Trio


It’s been an amazing journey as drummer for JBT these last years and it’s sad to be hopping off the boat… but we have to follow our instincts and welcome change. Having started my musical journey at the age of 6, I am truly blessed with the opportunities and adventures that have come my way.

As a songwriter and performer in my own right, the time felt right to hop back on my own ship to nurture the stories I’ve created. Along with my other projects, The Melbourne Ska Orchestra has gathered some steam of late and the stretching of energies and clashing of dates meant something had to give. John and I understood the scenario and like seasoned travellers at a crossroad, we both happily agreed on this GPS recalculation!
Full trust in the positive.

My journey with the JBT has been a beautiful trip on my musical map. John and I have a special and unique connection, brothers in music, blood family, comrades, mutual explorers and just everyday mates. I am going to miss the brothers, the fun and the journeys. It’s a rare thing to have many glorious opportunities before you, all positive and exciting.
A massive thank you for the love that John, Byron, the JBT family and fans have given me and I’m sure we’ll jam again at a festival somewhere soon.


Nicky Bomba

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New beginnings – BIG news for Nicky Bomba, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, and John Butler Trio!
Forever… What a concept. They say nothing lasts forever. That’s something that I have had a hard time getting my head around, especially with the Trio. In the beginning I don’t think I really understood the nature of this beast. What a beautiful beast it is, but it would break my heart when things within the Trio would come to some kind of changing point. I would get sick with fear and grief every time our time together would come to an end or take another course. These brothers that I had shared stages with all around the world. Shed blood, sweat and tears with. These men that become uncles to my children. It has never been easy to part ways with these good men.

But the longer I do this I am beginning to understand and embrace the nature of this beast that is the JBT. I am honoured to share the stage with amazing men, but I understand that we come together for a time to serve the songs, and then things may change. This has charged what we do with a sense of humility and gratitude because none of us can afford to take each other or the moment for granted.

And so it is with love and gratitude that we farewell Nicky Bomba from the current formation of the Trio. Nicky has been a part of the Trio in some way or another in different forms over the past 10 years, and somehow I think he will always be some kind of thread in the weave that we are. We are blood and soul music brothers. But Nicky is a front man through and through, and over the last few years watching his amazing Melbourne Ska Orchestra go from strength to strength and the opportunities for this grand dream of his open up wider and wider I had to ask him, and myself; is now a good time for him to ride that horse while she’s heading for a full gallop? Seeing him play to a sold out Metro City gig in Sydney a few months ago made my heart full and happy. It felt and looked “right”. It is an amazing time in Nicky’s world as all his stars are aligning for his own project, and I honour that path completely and am so happy to watch my brother shine.

I trust more than ever the path of the Trio and I am so very thankful for the trust of my fans. Trusting me with this musical journey as I steer this amazing wild beast and try not to break it’s spirit.

Byron and I will be introducing our new drummer to you soon so stay tuned. It’s an exciting time. We’re looking forward to this new chapter and sharing this new album with all our global family. – John Butler

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